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ERC20 Allocator

Deployed contract address: 0x37518BbE48fEaE49ECBD83F7e9C01c1A6b4c2F69

The ERC20 Allocator controls the movement of PCV tokens (mostly DAI and USDC) among Volt Protocol PCV Deposits and Peg Stability Modules (PSMs). It has both permissioned functions which only the Governor can call, and permissionless PCV rebalancing functions.

Permissioned functions:

  • connect new PSM
  • edit PSM target balance
  • disconnect PSM
  • connect new PCV deposit
  • delete existing PCV deposit
  • sweep tokens (in case any are ever accidentally sent to this contract)

Permissionless functions:

  • skim (remove excess funds from PSM)
  • drip (refill PSM that is below target balance)